If you’ve already been on the intuitive eating bandwagon, you know by now why you’re there- your previous dieting and restriction around food led to binge episodes and feeling crazy around food. 

So you decide to listen; you decide to come home to you; you decide to trust your female animal, your cravings, and your pleasure- and give intuitive eating a go. 

But the question inevitably arises, “What about my health?” — especially if you got into dieting from a place of wanting to take deep care of your body in the first place, which is the case for many of you. 

“What about my reaction to dairy?”

“What about the recommendation from my naturopath to get off the sugar and give paleo-style eating a go?”

“What about my stomach feeling bloated and upset all the time?”

I feel you. 

Intuitive Eating with medical restrictions or food intolerances is a tricky subject, but I thought I’d dive in and give it a go, especially because its one of those things I have battled and learned from personally (Ive been on anti-candida diets, GAPS, raw food, etc.)- and its one of those questions I get continuously from clients, readers, and friends. 

The best way I know how to explore this topic is through exploring these next four questions that you can ask yourself. 

Get out a pen and paper and teach yourself. 

Are you actually sensitive or allergic to that food? 

Whether you cut out gluten, or sugar, fat, animal products, grains, dairy, or eggs (legitimately anything) from your diet…I want you to ask yourself- am I actually sensitive to this food, or am I just blindly following what _________ said?

Get real here: do you notice any sort of difference when you take these foods out of your life? Experiment. Go without dairy for a couple weeks- do you have less mucus? Can you breathe deeper? Do you digest with more ease? 

I invite you to let go of what you’ve learned and what ‘they’ have all told you, and really test some things out for yourself. 

Are you making yourself even more sensitive? 

When you change the terrain of your body via the food that you eat, your body starts getting accustomed to that, and then anything else starts looking foreign.

Case in point: in my raw vegan days, I was so strict with eating primarily fruits and vegetables that literally anything else became this huge allergic reaction. Nuts, seeds, coconut… and then I ended up not being able to even digest raw greens…and it tumbled down from there. There was a lot of healing work that had to happen to reintroduce foods back in.

Because you eat a certain way, your body becomes accustomed to that way of eating- and then its quite a tricky thing to start adding in foods that you preciously took away. Your body is confused! 

Not only that, but when you eat less, you down-regulate your metabolism, so when you do decide one day to eat more, it’s not unusual to gain a couple pounds. 

Ask yourself- is this the way you want to be eating for the rest of your life? If not, I suggest slowly adding more foods into your life and healing your gut so that you can process them. 

Is there shame when you eat the food? 

Scenario: you have a gluten allergy. So you don’t eat gluten. Then one day you decide to have a piece of bread. What is the resulting reaction that goes on in your mind?

Are you judging yourself hardcore and full of shame? Or do you just have a bit of a stomach ache and an extra hour on the toilet?

If the first reaction is you, you’ll want to look at working on releasing that shame around food- which as you know, begins with finding peace within your body first. I show you how in the workbook below. 

Does the food open you or close you?

Do you really want the food? Where is the wanting coming from? Is it your intuition? 

Ask yourself: would eating this food open me? Would it help me experience more pleasure? (No false pleasures of eating a whole carton of ice cream…real true sensual pleasure.) Would it open my eyes to a new adventurous experience? Would it give me a whole new perception of food? Would it change my experience of eating for the better? 

Or would eating this food close me? Would it make me feel even more restricted in my own body? Would it feel sticky, stagnant, or stale within my cells? Would it make me feel heavy and closed off to my spirit and life? 

Asking yourself if a food would open or close you is a rad way to experience your intuition. Usually your true intuition will choose foods that open you because your intuition wants what is best for you.

Hopefully by exploring these questions with yourself, you are able to understand deeper how to approach your own intuitive eating plan. 

Remember: you get to decide how it plays out. 

Make an intuitive, intuitive eating plan! 

If that means sticking true to saying goodbye to gluten and dairy for the most part because they make you feel exhausted, nauseous, and bloated- then thats up to you. Choose from a place of love. And stay in a judgement-free zone when you decide one day to splurge. 

And the last thing to note: if you are the woman that has been dieting, restricting, and binging for awhile now, and your deep in that cycle… your primary goal is to solve that first. Even if gluten makes you feel like shit, allow it in. Total. Allowance. Your body will teach you eventually. 

Download this free workbook to start your journey into a whole lot of ease. 


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