“Try going sugar-free. Try this soup diet. Try this green juice cleanse.”

It started innocently for you at first. 

And then theres the part about binge eating + restricting + over-eating + yoyo dieting that came soon after that… 

That’s why diets don’t work. 

That’s why the dietitians and health coaches and nutritionists who don’t dive deep into the soul of the eater… are simply your quick fix plans that always fail. 

Ever feel ashamed that you’re so into health, and body, and eating well on the outside… but nobody knows your real relationship to food?…

BREAKING NEWS: I am a holistic nutritionist and I’ve struggled with binge eating and feeling totally out of control and out-of-alignment with food. 

You should care because I’m just like you. 

I’m a superfood nerd, an essential oil junkie, I’ve been absolutely inspired by all things holistic health. I’ve done cleanse upon cleanse and back in the day when I was in your shoes- I severly cut every gluten, sugar, or dairy infused food from the list of what I should eat… and I still felt quite funked up when it comes to choosing the right foods for my greatest health. 


Most of my clients are yogis, health coaches, and lovers of Ayurvedic teas and FODMAP friendly foods. And they feel completely insane. 

You care so much. But maybe you care a little too much… 

Trying to “fix yourself” “heal yourself” and “look better” every second of the day. 

You should also care because I made it to the other side. 

No more sneaking Mary’s crackers with oil-free hummus at 10pm after everyone went to bed. 

No more fear around what to eat at a family wedding or shame after enjoying something sweet. 

Because I’ve transformed completely to a place of food freedom and ultimate ease within my body… and because I’ve coached numerous women to that same place… I created an epic free resource for you to start your journey to this space. 

I call this baby my POST BINGE SURVIVAL GUIDE. It’s an e-book that will teach you actionable steps of what to do after a binge takes place. 

For real- most people on the Internet talking about binge eating are only talking about how to not even have a binge. 

But uhh…. we have to start where you’re at. 

Finding peace, clarity, nourishment, and mental, physical, and spiritual harmony after a binge is going to be your #1 way to stop them all together. And this e-book will give you just that.

I want you to take your pretty being and click the image below and you’ll get this breakthrough book in your inbox right away. 

I didn’t really understand why my binges were happening, at first. 

I was eating really really well, practicing yoga, making gratitude lists, and I was “the look” of health from the outside. I was Pinning every vegan and paleo recipe on the web, getting into the kitchen, and quite excited about eating green food. 

And then came a binge. Day after day. 

And I didn’t really understand or know why. It. Was. Just. Happening… 

When I became aware (and had an absolute revelation) around what was actually going on, my eating habits started shifting instantly. 

Ignorance is not bliss- (in most cases)- and especially here. 

You’re probably confused, like I was, about the cause of your binge. 

Maybe you’re stressed and you’ve got some hidden emotional triggers up your sleeve.

You’re also most likely empathic, heart-centered, and have started to ask some deeper liiiiiife questions to get to the core of whats going on with your eating habits (hello, woman- I love you!)… but you’re still at a loss for the true answer. 

Let me lay it on you. 

  1. It all starts that exciting and dreadful Monday (every new diet starts on Monday, right?)  you decided you needed to go on a diet or restrict a wide variety of food- to control your weight or health. 
  2. You most likely felt great for some time, especially as you began. You were feeling “on track” and “in control.” Not eating processed sugars had you thinking clearly. “I’ve been so good today!” is your new favorite sentence. 
  3. This is the part that most people miss. Before the binge comes, here’s what happens: your physical or emotional self sends you a message that it needs something…more… whether its more calories, fat grams, orgasms, beach walks, or the like… and you refuse to listen.  Body wisdom gets thrown out the door- you don’t even think about trusting your body’s needs. That combined with the pressure of “eat this way or you won’t have the body you want” mentality is a sure sign leading to a binge. I’ll help you let that go when you download this guide. 
  4. Here comes the binge or the overeating affair. 
  5. Guilt, remorse, and a fear of gaining weight comes next. Body shame, judgement, and lack of validation and love coming from within.
  6. You try to fix yourself. “You’re doing it wrong.” Tomorrow is a new day. Next week you’ll start again. So you go back on the diet, plan, or you find a new diet or rule to assign yourself to.
  7. And then it starts all over again. 

Diet + Restrict > Feel In Control > Lack of listening to emotional and physical body wisdom > Overeat/Binge > Guilt, judgement, fear > Try to fix yourself > Diet + Restrict… and it goes on and on and on. 

You have a choice. 

Body acceptance and love right now, and a willingness to trust your body’s intuition. (The funny part is, this is where true health and positive eating habits are birthed from in the first place!)

Or stay in the same place you’re at. Diet > Binge > Diet > Binge > Diet > Binge > Diet > Binge… 

I know which choice I stand behind, for you. 

Which is why I created this super rad free resource for you…!! 

Click the image and simply enter your email and you’ll get it in your inbox right away. 

 Because, let’s get real. You’re experiencing binge eating. 

So, let’s start there, alright? 

This e-book I made for you will help you pick right back up from a binge with more ease. It will outline the exact steps you need to do after you experience a binge. 

You need this because I know you’re over there feeling heavy, fatigued, and so alone after a binge. Disconnected from yourself and Source. And that doesn’t have to be the case. 

You can evolve, transform, and grow into the woman you came here to be: through your binges. 

I know after a binge you want to start restricting food again. You want to limit food the next day. You want to stay inside. You want to find the next diet thats going to heal it all, don’t you? 

I get it. But let’s get real. 

That. Has. Never. Worked. For. You. In. The. Past. And. It’s. Not. Going. To. Work. For. You. Now. 


That’s why I created this epic resource for you. 


Hey,beautiful. I created a meditation to help you feel alive, radiant, grounded, comfortable, and energetically in-tune in your own skin.

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