There’s a stigma in the self-love and body-love realm that its all hard work, boring stuff, and a dreadful but necessary ordeal.

I want to break that right now.

I mean you’re not going to sit there like, “Fuck ok I hate the way my body looks but I’m going to accept myself.”

At least not here, anyway… 

Body love is ecstasy. It’s juicy, seductive bliss.

This vibratory lovey-dovey-blissy-heartcentered-orgasmic feeling comes over me at least once a day (and more often is held within me as I walk throughout life).

It’s my pleasure to love my body and love my self.

It’s not work, although it sure as hell TAKES the work of letting down barriers and ideals in my mind.

(+ the energy work that supports all of that in real life.)

But, primarily, its easy. Because I choose for it to be.

Remember when your body got uber turned on and lit up when you went on the second date with your now or previous partner?

Remember how their body sparked something fresh, alive, awake, and delicious inside of you?

You were over there waiting until damn 1 in the morning just to receive that, “Goodnight, darling- sending you love,” and you were over there awakening with the sunshine excited for your day. 

You had a spark in your eye, and a fire in your belly that nobody could stop. 

Complimenting strangers, sharing your light, and walking through life with your shoulders back and your head held high- because you were falling. in. love. 

Mmmmm, such a sparkly feeling that new love and the energy of love and passion brings in. 

And, mmmmmm (x2), yep. You can get that feeling… and feel that feeling… and dance in that feeling… FOR YOU and inside of yourself.

And how exciting is that?

It’s not something to dread or fear or deny…

It’s not something to finally resort to after diet upon diet and binge upon binge (although that’s usually how you land here)… 

It’s something to get lit up about. Just think of carrying this lit up and juicy energy within your cells as you go… that’s hot. That’s what you want. 

If you don’t have this deep body love now, its nothing to be ashamed of. Seriously.

I was in your shoes, too. 

But it is something to look forward to and get excited for creating in your life.

Body love isn’t being complacent with eating cacao balls all day, a bloated belly, and a poor energetic space.

Body love is deep, undeniable, unconditional respect, love, and honoring of your body now, your body before, AND your body in the future.

It’s an underlying energy that is dormant in you now.



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