You want whatever you want.

Whatever it is, its beautiful.

You. Are. Allowed. To. Desire.

No need to try and ascend out of your ego to become wanting-free.

You are here on Earth now.

Want whatever you want, as long as you have the mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to dive in and go get it.

You want the most meaningful love.

A purpose, passion, and career- aligned.

You want the hottest and most love-centered sex.

You want to feel confident and at ease from within.

Financial abundance.

Orgasm after orgasm.

Fun and play and pleasure and depth.

A spoken word performance.

To be on stage.

Your desires are delicious roadmaps, but only if you allow them to be.


Here’s the caveat: you have to believe with 100{b5db94e053597719a108a10f7760879c7a072371c3ba268eb5fa0777f675fb5b} of your being that your desires can be met. You must.


If there is any cell or frequency in your being that doesn’t believe, you are automatically halting your god-given right to manifest what you want in to your life.

Believe that you can.

The other day I was on the phone with my business and life coach and he said something about the number 100k. Immediately I caught myself. Even though on the outside I was all “Yes! That sounds amazing!” on the inside, I was like, “Nahh I don’t see it as possible.”

I spoke that doubt out loud.

“Woah, listen to what I just caught myself do.”

Right there, I could expand.

Right there, I swooped in to work with my belief systems of what is possible.

Yes, there ARE expanded possibilities.

YES, I can see it and believe it and become it.

And I currently am.

Any time the ego mind says, “No, you can’t achieve that,” we can almost guarantee that we are halting our growth.

Our capacity is endless, as long as we believe it to be.

So, be aware.

Get comfortable with your inner voice.

Start to hear when the messages are serving and when they’re clearly not.

Speak to your inner critic and analyze even the smallest glimpse of lack of faith.

Guess what? You are put here on this planet to thrive and grow and expand out of what you think is possible. Ascending into lands filled with clarity and ease.

It all starts with that inner knowing, convincing your smaller mind of expanded possibilities for life.

Connect in: remember a time when a part of you thought you couldn’t do something, and then you did it. That feeling.

It’s available to you at an accelerated rate, when you believe.

Owning your desires is one thing- allowing them to be as they are and valuing them as real.

Aligning with 100{b5db94e053597719a108a10f7760879c7a072371c3ba268eb5fa0777f675fb5b} belief is another.

And it’s waiting for you.

Your steps:

  • Make a list of all that you desire. Listen to your souls desires and don’t for one moment or second believe that you aren’t worthy enough to achieve.


  • Make a list of false beliefs you are telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve these desires.


  • Envision yourself moving into your desires, daily. Close your eyes and place a hand on your heart and see the image of yourself, there.


  • Do what you would do if you had the desire now.


  • Get grateful, as if it were already in your life.


And then its on its way.

Got it? 





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