Follow the magic:

 Follow the magic, sister. 

This world is glorious, if you believe. 

And you hold the key to it all. 

There is magic, within the walls of your home and heart.

There is magic, within your bones. 

There is magic, intuitively so. 

But you have to choose it. Claim it. Become it. 

You have to understand its reality. 

The more you believe in magic, call upon magic, and evoke magic… the more magic shows up in your world.

To me… magic is synchronicity and desire in manifested form.

Its knowing that you are the conscious creator of your world, and you create what you wish. 

Magic is pure joy, its child-like bliss, and its your birthright. 

It’s when everything in the world feels aligned. 

Have you ever seen sign after sign that you are in the right place or doing the right thing? This is magic and this gets to become how you live life. 

The moment I was capturing this photo, for example, it was magic in form. I was speaking to a stranger on the beach, and my soul told me to leave the conversation. (It had started to drain me, and I knew that I needed to lovingly exit.) I told the man I was speaking to that I felt called to run down the beach. And I did. My intuition was spot on. I sprinted and I sprinted, I landed in this gorgeous spot in the sand, and then I danced in the pure joy of listening to my inner guidance system and being clear with my boundaries. (The body rewards you with an inner knowing when you work with her.) After my dance session was done, I gazed out to the ocean and spoke to the presence and The Universe about what it means to birth magic into being. Then I looked down. There she was. This feather, symbolic of the magic that is all around when we choose to listen, embody, and believe. 

I know magic is not only for me. 

And I also know that I hold keys to receive the magic I speak. 

So, here they are, six keys to embody magic in your life, daily. 


Nothing happens when life is bombarded with fear. Nothing gets manifested into form if its buried deep into the ground with doubt.

Believe that your wildest dreams are happening as we speak. Believe that expanded possibilities exist, for your situation. Believe that there are forces beyond your imagination working with you.

With belief comes gratitude. Give thanks that this power exists! Start there. 


This is about prayer, intention setting, and using your voice to create a reality you wish.

I recommend ‘setting an intention’ for your day, for a night, for an event, for whatever it is you need. You can also call forth magic (aka the presence of God) in a morning or nightly ritual. Ask for magic to show itself to you. 


Your intuition knows that you deserve magic. Your soul is consistently guiding you into more of yourself, and more of the abundance that the Universe has for you.

But its all too often that you silence your intuition and don’t trust the messages coming from within.

It could be anything as small as a dash of salt on your kale or as big as leaving a relationship that no longer serves. In fact, its usually the small ones that add up. L I S T E N. 


Pleasure is a pre-requisite for magic to take form in your life.

If you’re hustling away at a project, and having no fun while doing it, you can almost be sure that the angels of abundant miracles are going to fly away.

This is a secret of the divine feminine: pleasure and play to fill your cup first. 


Be with yourself. This means taking up space. Being present with your form. Moving your spine back and forth. Allowing your shoulders to rest up back and down, and lifting your consciousness through an activated posture of grace. 

Have you ever noticed your self-limiting thoughts sweep in when you are sitting in a slump? Yes, no wonder. 

Sit up or stand up tall. Be fully in your form. 

Treat her with respect. Ask her what she needs. How does she want to move? What does she want to eat

Your body is a living breathing vessel for magic. And when you use her right, with discernment and love, the magic sprouts in numerous ways. 


I know you want to open your heart and be easy-going and “down with anything,” but we can’t do that for your sensitive soul. 

The easiest way to craft boundaries is to ask this question in any given scenario, “Is this opening and expansive or is this closing and retractive?” You will get a feeling in your body when you ask this question, and its up to you to take a powerful stance for yourself and listen. 

Draw boundaries around what you watch, what you eat, who you talk to, where you go, what you pay attention to, and so forth. This means letting go of what others think of you (and how angry they might get at your choice) and standing up for your sovereignty. 

This is about shaking off (literally and figuratively) the world around you, and coming home to you. 


In a world of intensity and opposition, its up to you to consciously craft joy and abundance from within. 

It’s not without you, but you must focus on squeezing it out into your life. 

I follow the magic. 

I claim it. 

I follow and embody the magic, so that I can teach you to do the same. 


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