This is how he left her: 

Raw with emotion hooked on truth. 

Hungry for more of her powerful Self. 

Healed by the humbleness of the heart wanting love.

Obsessed with gratitude, and adding all things toward the light. 

Alchemizing the aptitude in bringing (more of) this vibration into form. 

He left her holding hands with a Self that was crying to show face.

Dripping in the juiciness of the moment without holding back from fear of whats to come. 

Fluid in sovereignty. Solid in her relationship to the world. 

A healer. 

He left her with inspiration to create awareness around what love can really be. 

An intention to set fire to this flame, and empower women into what they deserve.

With herself, her guides, and the essence of having company from above. 

He left her in an open realm spirited with magic,

and she left him in his heart. 


Hey,beautiful. I created a meditation to help you feel alive, radiant, grounded, comfortable, and energetically in-tune in your own skin.

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