I will write you poems of love even though tomorrow you may not be my lover.

Who says we must live with our hearts closed off to love?

Who said we needed protection and that opening without commitment meant getting hurt?

What vibration of a being convinced us that we could only fall in love with one person,

and that until that one person was in love with us, we had to hold back the true essence and intensity of what we’ve got.. ?

I’m calling quits on a half assed approach to love; waiting for validation or a return of love delivered to my heart. 

Because love, expression, and endearment… its meant to be given as a gift. 

And just as a present should be given with no expectation of a present in return, love shall be given the same. 

It is only a person whom has gaps in his own bucket of self love that gets hurt when the love isn’t repaid. 

So, I will write you poems of love even though tomorrow you may not be my lover. 

Because what is life but a continuous opportunity to open and feel? 

Heck, I’ll write you love poems if you never were my lover and even if you never will be. 

(It is the engagement with the energy of expanded love that gives us an uplifted and dopamine enhanced reality anyways.) 

There can be no loss in love when it is given from a true place of soul; because the giver gets to feel the joy and alchemy of spirit moving through. 

Maybe ‘getting hurt’ and ‘opening too much’ is a lie, a program keeping us within the confine and concave walls of our own skin. 

Maybe letting go can be as easy as diving in. 

What if we trusted our hearts fully and completely? 

What if we allowed ourselves to dance within the realm of love, and we understood that the only one that can deplete us is our own inner self?

What if connection was an opportunity to be in the practice of love, and what if we let go of the expectation of what comes next? 

What if we wrote love poems for every human and every thing that touches close to home? 



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