Eating Alone

He said, “A girl like you shouldn’t be eating alone.”

“That’s sweet, but I chose this.”

I then went on to tell him that I did feel support from my journal, my book, my computer, my phone, my inner self….
never bored.

And I love being a woman that dates herself, first.

I started to take his words literally for a moment, my mind making meaning out of a gesture of programming of whats right in the society we live.

“Maybe there is something wrong with me… not having a girlfriend or a lover to be out with tonight.”

But as the conversation progressed and as I basically joined their dinner table in talk, it all became clear.

Again, I chose this.

I chose this life of intimacy with myself first.

And deeper, I am never alone.
Connected indefinitely to myself, my guides, and the spirit and soul all around.

A feeling of travel – writing in my journal, enjoying a meal out with myself.

This is the life I created. Free. Open. Feminine. Fun. With Self.

New awareness and perception on life, just by being alone and in an open space to exchange with what’s around.

Moving intuitively.

This is home.

And I cannot wait for what is to come from here.


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