He said- “I’m detaching from you, I just want you to know.”

I could feel sadness, defeat, and fear in his voice.

Part of me wanted to reel him back in but the truth in me… knew.

I responded- “You’re allowed to detach from me. Perhaps thats exactly what you need.”

I’d like you to know that emotions leading to a road is safe to follow. It doesn’t mean forever. But its important in the now.

You see, detachment does not denote the closure of heart.

It doesn’t mean… “Now I’m going to disrespect you or show up with half of all I am.”

Our kind of detachment says:
I love your soul.
I trust The Universe.
I want whats meant for us both.
Who knows if I know.
But I will continue to listen,
And love.
And be present to all that is.
And today, I still choose you.

What can arise from this space is a deeper felt friendship of two souls just playing and enjoying each other.

When we are not holding on to a grand vision of who we are together as the We… we get to experience each other for who we actually are.

All the quirks, all of the intensity… it doesn’t get filtered through a filter of… “but this person is my person forever so they need to shape up.”

It’s just seen. And felt. And loved.
Who knew: Delete the fairytale forever program and we actually get to relate!

Simultaneously, there can still be devotion in detachment.
Devotion is in the now.
Devotion is to the soul.
Devotion is one of the heart, not one of the head and how it can think into the future…no.

The funny part is that when we intentionally detach we naturally align.
We want to be together.
And again.
And again.

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