Let’s talk about Leaky S€xual Energy.

Is there actual truth in this claim to be aware of ~ or ~ is it some fancy spiritual lingo covering up patriarchal repressive acts to keep us turned off and sexually blocked?…

Yeah. Let’s go there.

First of all, if you’re referring to your s€xual energy as something that can somehow dry up … you’re wrong. Your s€xual energy is the most abundant energetic in The Universe. It’s source itself. If you leak some out, you can always replenish yourself.

You’re not a well that can run dry…

The word leak also assumes that something is wrong. It assumes that something needs to be fixed. But s€xual energy flowing out to this world is a gift. It’s a reminder of our sensual source of love. So thank you, for your flow.

Question: do you feel energized and excited as your energy leaves your body? Or depleted and alone? That’ll tell you something huge.

If you feel depleted after giving your s€xual energy – either in a hug, with a new lover, in an image, etc. – check yourself: do you really want to be giving that? are you replenishing yourself from Source? are you aware of if your energy is actually being received with graciousness or is it being abused? I would say the term “leaky s€xual energy” could be used here.. when you feel shitty afterwards! But again, it doesn’t mean your act is wrong… but perhaps your intention or even story/programming behind it.

You should feel amazing as your sexual energy flows into this world!

Please: don’t use the term leaky s€xual energy because you want to flirt with 5 people in a day or have two lovers…

Don’t use it as a claim for people who trigger you because they’re turned on and you can feel their sexual manna coursing through their blood…

And please please please!!!!!… do not shut off your desires from a FEAR of “leaky s€xual energy…” 

Let yourself desire. Give. Receive. Enjoy. And then feel..

More energy/selflove/awareness/awakening/intimacy/connection afterwards?

…You’re on the right track.

Leaky s€xual energy is not about the amount of lovers, dates, kisses, cuddles, or times you fuck…

It’s about how you feel.

And that is that.


Ashae 🌹

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