Sex Goddess is a 6 week self-pleasure intensive designed to bring you into sexual sovereignty and self knowing with your inner most core.

Arrive into your unapologetic wild and confident edge in the bedroom and beyond.

Come on an inner journey and mystery school exploration into your most pleasured self. 

Sold out!  

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Want your man to rise into his highest divine masculine self? If so… this bundle is SO for you.

Learn how to inspire radical presence from your man, how to end your own emasculation patterns, and how to create passionate electricity between you through your feminine Self.

This bundle had 75 women join within a one week launch. AKA – The world is ready.

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Alchemize and gamify your shadow and triggers into deep intimacy.

Turn conflict into deep understanding and connection with your beloved.

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7 Days of Breast Massage, Self Love, + Sensuality.

An online intensive designed to take you into the rapture of your own being.

Most of my 1:1 clients have started here. It’s the first step to your embodied sensual self.

Complete the course in your own time.

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Everything you need to heal your relationship to your body and food.

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Gorgeous soul, your heart wants to be held. You are a radiant woman ready to bring your consciousness, inner awareness, and magick into a relationship that feels like GOLD.

You are ready to say yes to your desires, yes to your voice, yes to your power, yes to your yoni, yes to your life. No. More. Blame. Or. Shame.

You are here to be a magnet to epic men and a magnet to lasting love. All you need is the tools and support to remember who you really are. 

Learn to navigate your relationship and/or dating life through LOVE and CONFIDENCE over fear, trauma, childhood wound, and doubt. 

Heal your shadows, own your worth, receive more pleasure, and live an illuminated life with the dance of your higher self. 

Because I only work with women who are 10000% soul mates and ready to do the work with me by their side, please fill out an application first, to see if we’re a delicious fit. 

PS: Only apply if willing to make a financial investment.

Radiant Heart Activation included in package. 


Hey,beautiful. I created a meditation to help you feel alive, radiant, grounded, comfortable, and energetically in-tune in your own skin.

Step in to your divinity and embody your own love. It's free.

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