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The pleasure money meditation will expand your capacity to receive the good stuff. You'll be able to pop this meditation on while walking, sitting, or driving to align you to bliss! 

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Ashae is one of a kind, and a woman who truly leads herself with a full open heart.  

Through her mastermind, I now have embodiment of sexy AF boundaries, emotional mastery and surrender, the ability to guide and mentor with an open heart, structure that feels yummy, and the power to let it all go and trust… and at the same time the power to take my place in the world and claim my whole being.


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The Pleasure Money Meditation



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I'm practicing my writing every week + sending you a piece of passion that will hopefully send shivers down your spine. Thank you for trusting me. 

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I know what a big deal it is to follow someone online. (After so many sprints of deleting everyone!) The energy is coming through to you every day unannounced, programming your consciousness. My devotion? To bring it raw, real, alive, and full. Never from obligation.