Your only job when triggered

✖️Your only goal when you’re triggered is to regulate yourself out of the trigger✖️

That’s it.

It’s not up to your pro-active, personal-development, goal-oriented, fixer-mind to come in and save you.

It’s not the perfect moment to talk and figure out your relationship since “things are up.”

👉🏼 When you’re triggered, you leave your body.

You get brought into your wounded self.

The one who wasn’t loved.

You can easily murder relationships, moments, and damn, even… WORLDS- when you let the reptilian brain of yours run the show in trigger zone.

So, the only real work when triggered is to get back in to your body.

That’s it.

It’s simple, but it takes major devotion… because all parts inside will fight against it.

Your ego wants the spiral of energy. The thoughts that continue to destruct.

“But… it’s alive!”
“But… I get to speak my truth!”


And ground into you.

Your body is coded with love from source.

Your breath knows nothing but life.

You can come back.

Don’t push it on to the person who triggered you. Take responsibility. It’s yours.

The simplest way to embody this?

When you’re triggered, simply repeat these words to yourself:

“I am triggered right now.”

Enough times until your brain reminds your body that it’s time to shake it off, relax, cry, release, and move it.

Before talking about it.

Before speaking your truth.

Your trigger doesn’t have unconditional love and empathy in mind.

It’s primal.

The only thing to do is to come back.
To body.
To source.


Love you beautiful ones….

Take yourself on the journey.





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