you are,


Once I learned how to walk life in my empowered feminine...

Once I learned how to give her all the space she required... 

Once I set up the solid structures from inner man so she could have the safety to surrender... 

(Like I say, the more pristine the container, the more deep the surrender)

Once I started trusting the potency of desire, pleasure, and alignment...

It was the secret sauce. 

Millions of dollars. Without compromise.

I’m Ashae Sundara

Leadership mentor + multi 7 figure 
business owner

helping you embody your sovereign, sensual genius... your abundant leader queen... so you can let your dreams win.

Dripping wet wealth… by being you

Rise into the fullest power of your inherent genius

Get out in the world with your message and make soooooo much money- being you.

Launch & Scale your heart-centered online biz to multiple 6 or 7 figures.

Become rich & prosperous, giving the gift of yourself.

Live from pleasure, embodiment, and mastery of the energetic world.


I'm full time CEO rocking chanel boots and client calls half of the time and naked in the sunshine, barefoot, and praying through sex the other half ;)

I started my business unknowingly with a healing + health blog while i was in high school… and then followed it to where i am now.

I am a stand for sensual millions. For wealth that serves the body and the heart.

I don't do victimhood - I am a deep stand for emotional + mental + financial + sexual sovereignty.

I believe that our businesses are a reflection of our inner healing. That when the inner mindscape changes around money, worth, value, self love, and intimacy… our businesses thrive.

" Ashae is an angel embodied with the codes of sex, business, and pleasure at her fingertips. Working with her is expansive AF and everything that you could ever hope for. I am so insanely grateful for this woman and the way she has paved the way for full blown liberation - financially, spiritually, physically, within relationships, emotionally, and creatively. If you’re looking for a sign to work with her, this is it."

"Ashae paves the way for full blown liberation."

- Tara Moraleda @taramorelove

"She invites so much more depth to who you are and why you are here. I continuously hit my biggest 50k months with Ashae, but it was so much more than that. Coaching with Ashae was everything I needed to fully expand into the next level of life, business, love, leadership, and sexuality."

"I continuously hit my biggest 50k months, but it was so much more."

- Chelsey @chelseyjohuntsman

 In a sea of business coaches, strategy, and all the things you think you “should do” to grow your business.... I fell in love with Ashae’s intuitive, soul-led, pleasurable, and fun way of running her business. She’s helped me fall more in love with my work than ever before, work less, and make loads more money with loads more ease. But the most important part is that I feel free... finally... to trust myself - in order to evolve, grow, and serve every day.

“Ashae is a masterful coach and an incredible woman to have in your corner. 

- Jamie Mendell

Ashae has changed my perspective forever on what it can look like to be a woman in biz who honors her body and womb.

"... to be a woman in biz who honors her body and womb..."

- Lindsay Warland

It’s hard to capture into words how much Ashae has impacted my life…..and the world!!!  I’ve never connected with such a PURE, POTENT + POWERFUL embodiment of what it means to be a WOMAN.Her power, her magnetism, her wisdom — she is a space of possibility and I am forever learning from this queen. I owe SO MUCH of my quantum success in my business and the liberation in my life to this glorious goddess I get to call a sweet sister, too.

"She is the embodiment of what it means to be a WOMAN." 

- Kiera Noelle

" Ashae’s work is a masterpiece that has lit up my world. She has taught me the key of energetics with money. I healed my sisterhood would being surrounded by incredible woman, sold my first $20K paid in full package, and expanded my awareness in big ways. Ashae’s embodiment to her work is the most beautiful gift to invest in.

" embodiment to her work is the most beautiful gift to invest in."

- Amber @amberromaniuk

For a long time I resisted being held in container by someone who does work so similar to mine, afraid I'd get taken out of my own Medicine — but that's exactly why I hired Ashae: she is one of the few people who has so consistently called me back to ME, to what I'm here for, to my Power, to my Medicine... while also loving the shit out of me - I love you and everything you're a Stand for, Ashae. Thank you for leading so powerfully + so boldly. 

" thank you for leading so powerfully and so boldly..."

- Heather Allison