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We've all been there... Those moments where conflict rears it's ugly head in our relationship and we don't know what to do. This person who we love so much & who loves us (in theory) is now unrecognizable, repelling, and disgusting. Our body & heart feel like they're at a dead end road. Depending on our temperament, we might stonewall them and shut down. Or maybe we double-down and take the current fight to the next level, serving epic proportions of discord and discontent all around. Either way, we all know where it leads: Stonewalled hearts and s*xless evenings. If only we knew how to alchemize that tension in conflict! If only we could transform it into turn on and tingles rather than trauma and tantrums! Well, that's what Fight to F*ck is all about...

Imagine what it would be like...

To have a unique practice that could turn conflict into passionate delight.

To learn how to be turned on and upset at the same time.

To artfully turn your arguments into deep exchanges of love.

To never worry about going days, weeks, or months feeling disconnected to your partner.

To laugh your way through an argument and feel MUCH BETTER because you addressed it.

This is... Fight to F*ck

hot passion + play

All because you chose to elevate your conflict + grow your patterns into love


What you'll learn inside... 

Our Fight to F*ck step-by-step process that creates more love instead of less when tension arises

Practices for him and for her to artfully turn tension into turn on  

How to build a radical new relationship context that allows you to be fully expressed, loved, liberated & ravished

What to do when you're both triggered

How to laugh through a meaningful feeling in your heart

How to process emotion as a couple

The best way a woman can bring her emotion to a man to honor his day + his masculinity

How a man can lovingly open her

How to "out feminine" him when he's in emotion

Why we won't tell you to only use nonviolent communication

How to hack the need to "figure it all out" right away

How to turn the shit of a moment into gold for your relationship together 

The hack to open beyond your childhood patterns 

The ground rules for fighting that will burn off energy and open your hearts

A 1:1 somatic session would be the perfect add on to this... to get to the root of some of the sh*t!
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optional: somatic session

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“My husband and I tend to get stuck in our heads when we hit a point of conflict in our relationship. Allan and Ashae helped us get out of our heads and into our bodies, and access a more vulnerable, connected way of expressing that rewired something for us— and really turned us on!”

Allan + Ashae helped us get out of our heads + into our bodies.

Ellie + rob montgomery

success story

We've seen what happens when couples don't know how handle conflict. It hurts! And not just them. Their friends, their children, and their desires all suffer as a result. We've also seen the magic that can happen when two people learn to embrace conflict and turn it into a portal for primal pleasure. Both are options in any given moment, but we always have the power to choose. The content in this masterclass has come from our own direct experiences of turning those moments of conflict that could have lasted days into passionate exchanges of love that have left both of us infinitely more satisfied, turned on and connected not just to each other, but to our own power. We want to share with you what we know so that you can do the same.

A love note from us to you...

Allan + Ashae

please note

Although the concepts explored inside this offering will be taught from a heterosexual perspective, we welcome lovers of all sexual orientations to dive into the teachings. The principles shared here are of value to anyone interested in deepening intimacy with themselves + their partners.