Orgasmic Abundance




Become an energetic match to money & magnetize naturally
what you need & desire.

Expand the potency of your pleasure to raise your frequency & emit your true essence.

Shift out of victim,
take back your role as 'creator', & radiate your light.




Money is your birthright...

Contrary to popular talk that keeps humans in their patterns of scarcity... 

Money is natural.

It's available. 

And it's responding to you. 

Your every thought, belief, action, and desire.

Your feelings, your emotions...

Essentially, you have a relationship with money. 

And that how good of a relationship you cultivate has a LOT to do with how money chooses to interact with you. 

Devotion to desire

My process inside Orgasmic Abundance is a divine feminine reality shift into magical manifestation + pleasurable prosperity... that uses the anchor of pleasure to connect you to abundance.

That means that here, you take back your power. You take back your pleasure.
You take back your belief in yourself and all of life.

You embody, through practice, the full trust and integration of your ability to create your desired reality.

You dom tf out of your limited beliefs.

Discover the grace, power, and potency of being WOMAN.

You open yourself to tantric energies and learn how to heal yourself with sex.

You rise with women around you and celebrate their success.

You throw your scarcity and money stress down the drain and replace it with an ability to be penetrated by money (and men.)

You fall in love with your body.

You touch yourself as the sensual seductress of what you are here to receive.

You free your voice and finally allow yourself to be seen.

You integrate a completely evolved way of being, thinking, moving, and responding to life.

This means… your operating system becomes one of the surrendered, spiritual, orgasmic, worthy woman.

And then you can feel, channel, and receive (abundance)…
just as you were made to.

Inside You Will...

Learn the pleasurable manifestation practice that will guide your whole journey. As soon as you join the program, you have access to this practice along with the 6 embodiment rituals to pair with the practice, which means your abundance starts right away!

Put an end to money stress and fear & learn how to let money be a reflection of your inner state.

Orgasm your way to success.

Raise your frequency and use pleasure to anchor in abundance consciousness.

Practice my Pleasure Money Method... a morning ritual that will shift the way you relate to money, pleasure, your emotions, and life itself.

Testimonial Magic...


How It Works

1. You sign up by clicking the link below.

2. You'll get an email to set up a username and password.

3. You'll receive Module 1 right away, You'll receive Pleasure Ceremony 1 48 hours later, and so forth for the rest of the material. 

4. You soak it all in!


By clicking up on that delicious, "I'm In" button, know you are agreeing to our company terms and conditions.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds on digital products.

Disclaimer: We never guarantee or warrant results or increased income. 

My Invitation: Investing in yourself is a glorious leap of trust with your intuition. Feel into this. Be with your heart. Your body. Your knowing. Your next step. Investments always encourage more of our soul IN to our body, but its through being radically present and available to lean in to the hidden, unseen magic behind the show.

My Prayer: This content opens you in ways that impact your relationship to both money and pleasure forever. 

Please Read Our Terms 


Will I have the content forever?

Yes, you get to enjoy access to the course materials as long as you want them.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on digital products. However, we have a 48 hour window (from the time of your purchase), where refunds are acceptable. After Module 1 goes live, you have 48 hours to decide if this content is resonant with you. Please email if this is the case for you. Please note: there will be no exceptions to this policy. 

Do I need a yoni egg or wand?

I say yes, however it's not the end of the world if you want to just use your fingers ;) 
Although the crystals help awaken your tantric pleasure. 

Will we be using self pleasure inside this course?

Yes! There are 3 guided practices. They are led trauma informed and VERY slow.

Are You Ready For It, Boo?!

This world doesn't need saving.

It needs you, in your abundant truth.

You, in your pleasure.
You, relaxed.
You, in joy.
You, not worrying about money.

What this world needs is you serving, sharing, and showing up from inspiration and ease.

This world needs you to believe in yourself.

See you inside...

Xo, Ashae