The Make Your Insta Magic Bundle




Let's be clear about the truth.

Or it can be a shame-spiraling chore that we tell ourselves we "have to do." Obviously if you are here, you'd rather the first option ;)

So... let's get you there.

It's easy.

But it doesn't come in a pre-made force-fed formula that tells you the steps of 1. 2. 3.

It's a souls path toward inner freedom. Speaking the truth of your heart in a way that unblocks prosperity into your life. Instagram is the home of my business. It's the home of my exalted expression. It's the home of my brand, my style, my creativity, my me. And it'd a joy to connect, inspire, and create community.

But it wasn't always this way. There was a time where I was like... "Why are my posts not working? What's wrong with me? How do I create engagement?"

But then I cracked the code.

And the code... I am giving to you.

Instagram can either be a Godsend route of expression toward freedom.

change the game through your essence

Is This You Boo?

You only get a few likes or comments.

You doubt your gifts +voice

You fear if an online biz is even for you

You show up, yet compromised in confidence

You show
up, yet compromised in confidence

Instagram Negativity Loop

In all honesty, it makes a lot of sense to me why you wouldn't be getting hundreds of followers daily...
or creating powerful engagement leading to sales.

Your energy on social media is everything.

It's make it or break it in the online space.

Because we want to feel YOU.

You, in your power.

You, in your radiance.

Not the version of you in doubt, fear, and lackluster light for your truth.


Create kickass content from your energetic wholeness
(for both posts + stories)
so you can organically grow your social media reach
and impact more of the world.

The make Your 


Insta Magic bundle

The Bundle Will Teach You...

The Energetics of Viral Content... because if you're coming from "Idk if anyone is going to see this and idk if it matters"... that shit is felttttttt.

The 5 Kinds of Content You Need to Become an Authority, so that you can release the worry of being too vulnerable on social media + know how to be well rounded + trustable.

How to Sell through Instagram so that its the only platform you ever need to do all the thingsssssss.

How to Get People to Trust You because thats all you need for them to SAY YES and continue to show up again and again.

How to Hack the Algorithm so that you never ever complain about nobody seeing your stuff. (hint hint... YOU ARE the algorithm! Plus you get the practical stuff inside, too.

How to Get Your Audience Engaged because not only do you need this to boost the algorithm but making money and sales in business is ALL ABOUT CONNECTION. Your followers will start loving you!

Editing Instagram Stories like a pro so that you can feel all artsy when you go to share!

What to do when you only have a small amount of followers, because I know you want to grow big and you're afraid of the current state of your numbers affair!

How to Write Copy that Turns You On so you can stop feeling BLEGHHH about your posts!!!! And soooooo much more!

Creating Viral Content Video
(46 min)
I've built my whole audience of over 30k very engaged followers from my content alone. Creating the kickass things people come back for again and again.

Insta Stories People Love to Watch Video
 (27 min)
The practical + energetic tools to get your tribe to wake up every day wondering- "What are they going to bring on stories today?!!!" 

Recording of a Live Copy Audit
 (75 min)
Watch as I walk 2 of my clients through a live edit of their Instagram posts. It's taken me 5 years to master copy but I'm there, and you can be too.

3 Live Calls through Zoom + 1 Pre-Recorded Insta Live Answering All of Your Magical Questions (200 min total)
Please come live, if you can!!!!
The more energy, the better.

Organic Audience Growth from an Energetic Perspective
  (91 min)
Over 1000 very happy receivers of this work. It's all about how you BE calling your people innnnn.... or not ;)

Take A Look Inside

Insta Story Style + Editing Secrets Video
 (28 min)
Super special effects for your stories that are oh so fun to play with in Insta land! They will make you STAND OUT, thrive in creativity, + actually enjoy the artistic journey of IG.

Finding Your DM Voice
  (10 min)
The secret to landing skills and feeling amazing about talking to your audience and converting through DM's!

Selling in the DM's  (120 min)
A $222 Masterclass added as a Bonus to Make Your Insta Magic... because once you have your vibe right, it's time to sell!


Divine Investment



Is this a live course?

This is a mix between a self-paced bundle and a PRIOR live course. It's amazing for those of you ready to take yourself down the road of personal leadership. (Hi, that's me! I love self-paced bundles!) Once you sign up, you get everything in your inbox to explore and dive into right away... which I recommend. You can take as long as you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get to keep the content for?

Forever. It's yours, boo.

Is there a facebook group?

You can ask any and all of your questions at our live calls or in my free Facebook group, Sensual Leadership.

Are there refunds?

No. I trust that you can intuitively feel if you wanttttttt these codes, and then from there its all about implementation and activation!

"Not only did I learn about the 'structure' of Instagram but also the Energetics which is key and powerful. The power of having the connection with ideal clients is brilliant. So recommended. I actually got around 4562 NEW followers on IG.. In just the 10 days of doing this work."

"Not only that.. But I wake up to around 20-30 DM's every day... "

- Sherina Mayani

"I know all the strategies and how to’s of marketing and social media. I know all the DOING... but wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my engagement, content creations and connection with my clients. My brand felt a bit stale. I’ve been showing up more consistently, having way more fun, being more me and making way more sales. Cha-cha Ching!"

"Ashae has taught us how to use our social media as a pleasure portal for fun, funds and flow!"

- Stephanie Lane

I am so excited for you to dive in, love.

We just finished a profound round of my course Feel, Channel, Receive... and I took all of the Instagram codes and bundled them into a package for you (with some potent AF bonuses)... so you could take yourself and make your Insta Magic!

This work has changed my life.

Knowing both the energetic + practical secrets to Instagram has grown my business to the point where I have REGULAR multiple six figure months... while being in my erotic feminine and playing in life....

Yep. You heard that correctly.

And it gets to be that good for you, too.

Xo, Ashae