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The Quantum Year

When shit hit the fan in 2020, I made a 

→ I decided that there was no better time to give my gifts in the world.

→ I decided that people needed my work more than ever.

→ I decided to be a leader who paved the way- that even when the external world is perceived in shambles, my own internal world could birth the reality I wanted to see.

→ I decided it wasn’t going to stop me.

→ I decided to serve more than ever before.

 few key decisions. (Well, Spirit decided for me!) 

Quantum consciousness

These Decisions Catapulted Me Into My First 7 Figure Year!


It was so much fun, I did it while only working 3 days a week, I woke up every day in joy, it was really freaking simple… And I won’t settle for having this much fun, this much money, and this much impact alone. 

The Quantum Year is a 12 month container that will teach you all of the secret codes I’ve learned to impact thousands and make millions… while serving your body, your power, and your heart at the deepest of deep.

The Most Wild  Quantum Leaps Happen For Me When I...

1. Invest in the leap I want to have

Ahhh…. I love investing in my future so much!!!!! Truly, investing in the intuitively aligned mentors + coaches + programs have been everything for my growth. Your financial investment holds energetic soul space for where you are growing. It’s like putting a bookmark in the next chapter. When you invest in where you’re going… you are telling The Universe: “I AM DONE PLAYING SMALL. I AM DONE NOT GOING. IT’S HAPPENING. NOW” 

2. Have accountability and support

We are not meant to do it alone. I have a coach or a program for quite literally everything in my life. It’s the secret sauce to getting there fast. Someone who’s already gone to the place you want to go to…. who ONLY sees you at your highest and holds you there… and who can catch you each time you fall. (Hi, that’s me!)

3. Devote 80% of my reality to alignment

When I first started my business, I swore I just needed the ONE TRICK that would do it. The one method… the one way. Over time, I learned the BS in all of that, and how it was a kick to the curb for my own powerful intuition that could truly pave the way for me. I started spending way less time learning about the backends of business and selling… and I started meditating more, writing more, enjoying more, listening more, and orgasming my way to the top. This is key. 

4. Have a tun of fun

Enuf said, but just putting it out there… if you’ve never been in one of my masterclasses… they are the most fun ever! And if you join The Quantum Year, you get 1 every. single. month…. along with a sisterhood crew growing with you. (Plus other goodies because #abundance)

5. Continue believing, day after day

The shift happens first and foremost inside of your being. You won’t recognize who you once were, after I have you for a year. 


Creatrix Consciousness, Alignment Is The Algorithm, Money My Sexy Beloved, Launch Like You Make Love, God/Goddess Receivership, Codes on Codes, and so many more!


Led by Molly Moonrise, you get the pleasure of grounding these codes into your DNA through containers of spirit and energetic recalibration.


Eeeee!!! My favorite! This is where we all meet for 90 minutes live, I get to see your gorgeous face, and you get to ask me anything related to the masterclass of the month! 

What To Expect When You Join?

Oh hi light beam

i see you over there… flying toward your bright eyed yes of a life.

I’m Ashae: A 7-figure coach for the most magical women on the planet. Here, we master the art of feminine purpose, pleasure, and power. Or as I like to say… Come for the money, stay for the sex, and get… to the soul.

Are you ready?

We play. We go deep. We arrive.

"There genuinely are not enough words in the English language to encapsulate or express how potently Ashae serves her people. Before TQY... I never thought I could make 10k in a month doing what I love, and from a place of complete ease, and through this container I realized that was a LIE, and not only a possibility but an ACTUALITY! This container is for the princess who is ripe to claim her QUEENDOM! 

"The wisdom, insight, perspective and ENERGY + PRESENCE that you bring is UNMATCHED."

- Anja @therealearthmama

" Opening up to my Quantum feminine and liberating myself from fear and shame around pleasure, receiving and bliss through TQY has been the way I survived this year. I am forever grateful for Ashae's flirty and playful energetics for it’s been the permission slip I needed. I generated almost $30,000 before we even finished the first month. That was my first launch ever!" 

" I generated almost $30,000 before we even finished the first month! That was my first launch ever!"

- Nichole London

" I have shifted so many beliefs, stories and perspectives about myself, my service in the world and my business. I have learned to have compassion, grace and patience with myself along the way. And I am so grateful to Ashae for sharing her magic and showing me new ways of being as a sensitive person. I highly recommend joining TQY. Jump in. You won’t regret it."

" I highly recommend joining TQY. Jump in. You won't regret it."

- Linda Frellstedt

Why Now?

→ Life is meant to be PLAYED, not succumbed too.
Your business is meant to be DIVINE, not stressed about.

→ Your bank account is meant to be checked through WOWZER GRATITUDE, not fear.

→ Your clients are meant to be FUCK YES, not “it’s too expensive.”

→ Art is meant to be LIVED, not carefully thought through.

Success, joy, liberation, freedom… it’s all a choice.
Independent of what’s going on in the world.
Independent of what others think, say, or believe.

If you’d be willing…
2022 can be the year that you defy ALL odds.

2022 can be your limitless money, limitless pleasure, and limitless love year.

If you’d find the courage to say yes to the part of you who KNOWS that truth.

Feel Into The Part Of You That’s Already Inside!!!!

Part of the magic of the quantum is tapping in to the future creation like it already happened… because it did!!!!!

So…….. babe…. it actually already happened. Your soul already said yes. We’re just catching up. We’re just allowing the divine to do it’s job. Feel into her freaking JOY, her commitment, her excitement, her butterflies, her absolute alignment to where she’s made to be!

Devotion to desire 

And then click ‘yes’ from there.