Journey into her with me for 6 months… and reclaim your right to become fierce love and potent feminine power.

The woman who’s no longer willing to settle and call it humility. The woman who’s here for the big league spiritual game of partnership and purpose. She knows that awakening her power as a lover and a leader is the way home.. She’s a new wave of woman… deeply devotional to the things she cares about most: love and truth.

For the woman who’s got big desire + big devotion

I created Turned on Woman as a training ground for you to become magnetic to the love, sex, and life you crave. Imagine: overflowing pleasure from breasts to pussy and beyond, passion that awakens you in the morning with tingles from head to toe, a partnership that’s safe AND wild, a new relationship with money that's based on receptivity, and the ability to turn any emotion, situation, or state into higher octaves of turn on, desire, and play... I’m going to tell you this: when you become the turned on woman… your ability to self-heal, self-regulate, self-guide, self-process, self-pleasure (to the beyond), and self-love changes everything in your life. You are a masterpiece. It’s time you choose yourself so love, god, a good partner, and money… claim you right back. 

intro from Ashae...

Imagine what it would be like...

Turned On? Keep scrolling and feel it in your bones… 

To open your heart and let Him (God, Money, The Masculine) in to meet you.

Life is meant to be lived with the light turned up high

To be in a relationship so seductive you're on the edge of climax just thinking about it. 

To experience states of awe, pleasure, delight, and mystical expansion regularly… while also not being afraid of challenge and pain.

to give all parts of your wild a seat at the table.

Tantra says… “Include everything” and The Turned on Woman does just that. “Yes” to her feminine. “Yes” to her masculine. “Yes” to ecstasy.. “Yes” to pain. “Yes” to heal. “Yes” to the mysterious journey of desire. “Yes” to the highest standards of her soul. A turned on life. Nothing less. 

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

It's time...

You want to be obsessed with your body, confident in your sex, at the forefront of your own healing, and radiantly happy in who you are

Your body and soul yearns to be radically ravished by The Masculine + held in the fire of conscious love 

You feel ready to be the woman who never silences her desire… rather asks life and love to meet her there

hey honey

The world will respect you when you make the moves to respect yourself. 

My prayer for you

You choose yourself. Relentlessly. Fully. In the grit and in the shine.

Whatever life throws your way, the light is always pouring in. Healing you, guiding you, walking you toward home. I want you climaxing sure, but also sourcing delight from ripples in synchronicity, and magic from the beyond.

You find orgasmic energy in your body and your life daily. 

No, I don’t want just a good partner for you. I want a good masculine partner, and I want him to be BAD for you too ;) Your embodiment will get him there.

You open your heart to an incredible partner that nourishes your nervous system and lights your fire.

You have the courage to put down your superiority and/or your inferiority complexes so you can actually rise in love and measure your success in turn on, not external results.

We’ll never know what’s coming next but we can put all the dots in a line and set ourselves up really damn well anyways. Holding duality, you master your future while remaining detached. 

The same thing that’s keeping you in toxic relating patterns is keeping you in lopsided financial months, too.

Because that’s what it’s all about. 

You share yourself and let down your guard.

You awaken, you open, you get to love. 

You find equal parts surrender and willing pursuit. 

You shatter old patterns and conditionings that keep you insecurely attached and in a loop of the high and the low. 

introducing the turned on woman

The Private Podcast


You will receive all six months of audio lessons inside your own private podcast feed

The way to say yes:

A feminine revolution


6 months to claim your mental, emotional, somatic, sexual, cosmic, and energetic power

The first four months are already awaiting you and will be delivered right after checkout 🖤 The remaining two months will be dripped in from now until year's end.

6 months of edges to help you integrate the teachings into your world

If your body has been desiring ease, this is for you 💋 

Wait there is more!


The Meditation for HER

You know how you want that thing to turn to that can always LIFT your mood into a forward momentum and a soft energy? This will be it! 

Get in the car, go for a walk, or take a nap to the energy of the turned on woman entraining your being!

The Turned On Woman Journal Process

I always give ladies in my programs journal prompts to use during the time together because it's one of the best ways to train the subconscious! 

Radiant Heart Activation: My Breast Massage Program 

It's yours... because connection to your heart, your sensuality, and your emotions is everything as a deeply feeling WOMAN. 

Monthly Q+A: Submit your questions + get personal response

Every month, Ashae will meet you live (inside the experience) to answer your burning questions. If you purchase the private podcast, you receive the recordings.

Sofia Sundari

Orgasmic Wealth 

Chantelle Raven

Somatic Healing + Inner Union

And thats not all...

Brilliant Guest Interviews Every Month

Cait Scudder

7 Figures as a Mama 

Aimee Batuski +
Ellie Montgomery

Desire, Dating, Marriage, + Babies

Gina Swire

Anal, Oral, + Full Sexual Confidence

Allan McGrath

Loving a man



After building my business to multiple 7 figures but getting burnt the fuck out and meeting my beloved… I realized and embodied this: if its not for Her… its not worth it. And what came from that place was extraordinary. My relationship with my partner exploded with delight, my business opened in a whole new way… a way that inspired me but also kept me grounded in the depths of what really matters: love, depth, truth, growth, relaxation, peace, sex, and the true power of a fuck yes.

6 months together dedicated entirely to your turn on

This is for you if:

You want to be in my world for 6 months

The Turned On Woman archetype speaks to you

Your desire for powerful purpose is equal to your desire for surrendered love

You value your health, feminine energy, and lusciousness… because you know when you’ve got that, everything else fills itself in 

You need your coach to hand hold you or make you safe

You’re not willing to do shadow work and look in the center of your wounding

You want to learn business strategy from me (I have other programs with that intention)

You have trauma that needs to be closely held by a therapist (unless you work with someone while you’re inside!)

This is NOT for you if:

You’ve built baseline success BUT you know your next move is optimizing turn-on in body, mind, love, and career

You're not willing to get uncomfortable. (It's through our chaos + our sh*t that we find out depth of power)

Through her mastermind, I now have embodiment of sexy AF boundaries, emotional mastery and surrender, the ability to guide and mentor with an open heart, structure that feels yummy, and the power to let it all go and trust… and at the same time the power to take my place in the world and claim my whole being.

Ashae is one of a kind, and a woman who truly leads herself with a full open heart.  

PALOMA BLOOM @paloma.bloom

success story

the truth is

The Turned On Woman is NOT...

Climaxing every day and constantly in lingerie 

Bypassing her truth in order to be “unconditionally loving”

Prouncing around life aimless and in the chaotic sea of emotion 

The Turned On Woman IS...

Dedicated to her own becoming 

Honest and raw, but masterful with her emotion

Invested in whatever it takes to live in alignment, even if its hard 


Some of what you'll learn inside:

  • My somatic embodiment methodology to heal anything
  • Choosing eros over ego
  • How to sublimate s.xual energy for creative power
  • Getting out of your abandonment wounds
  • How to re-write your karma in real time
  • The 4 pillars to passion
  • Love making without the need for orgasm
  • Liberating your s.x goddess
  • Respecting your needs and desires
  • Devotional relationship
  • Surrender in the bedroom and beyond
  • Understanding how trauma impacts intimacy
  • The pathway of pleasure and desire
  • Erotic innocence and erotic darkness
  • Changing the way you talk to yourself
  • Re-wiring your beliefs about money, pleasure, and the masculine
  • Healing the masculine wounds
  • Respecting men
  • How to align with abundance
  • Inspiring him to claim you
  • Third stage devotional living
  • My monthly relationship check in
  • How to know if he’s the one
  • Trusting the masculine in money and men
  • + soooooo much more

She's secure, grounded, and committed to her standards. In her work and her love. She demands a turned on life. Nothing less.

self made badass

She's stable, expansive, and paving the way. Money grounds her nervous system and expands her capacity for more love, not less.


She invites the light and the dark of sex, owning all of her desires and gifts. She's confident, carefree, and willing to be seen.

sex goddess

It's all for love. She embodies what it means to trust love, open her heart, and transform any lingering attachment wounding.

devotional lover

Alchemize, transmute, and become a shadow work master. This chapter of your becoming is all about seeing what's hidden.

wild woman

Our first archetype + step in becoming The Turned On Woman is knowing how to feel, heal, release, and hold space for Self. 

self healer


This is the first time I felt that maybe my essence and vision is not lame. It’s simple, yes. But that doesn’t make it lame. God, I am so emotional right now. Thank you for making me see what I haven’t been able to see. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Ashae, thank you so much for being you. Something shifted in me a few weeks ago with the help of your frequencies and codes. I’ve followed you for some time but wasn’t ready to truly take the wisdom in on a deep level. I’m in tears of pure joy and also grief because what you emanate speaks so deeply to my soul, what is true, and what women need to remember and come back to. Much love to you.

Okay I just have to say- you have AWOKEN something IN me. I feel so confident in my body, in my being. I woke up feeling so in love with all parts of me and ready to share that. You’ve shown me what’s possible when you express and honor your sexual and feminine energy. And I’m honestly so turned on by life right now. Your energy is something else- thank you for your magic.



How does it work??

Essentially, I get to share with you everything I continue to use and practice with that makes me the woman I am today in relationship to Love.




The Blindfold Experience

Every lesson will be delivered to you via audio so you can drop into and be guided by the magnificent power of your own body and soul. This allows your feminine body + subconscious mind to take in the lessons without 'taking on' any unconscious desire to be more me. We want you, you! Plus, it's in my own highest turn on, and so you know you will be delivered GOLD each month.

the turned on woman archetype

To be the turned on woman is to be...

the woman who thinks, feels, and exists as the Great She

the woman who never silences her desire or pushes it down

the woman who is a yes to who she knows she can be

the woman who welcomes more

the woman who inspires others with her bigness

the woman who radiates truth no matter where she is, no longer conforming herself to fit the mold

the woman who feels deeply

the woman who trusts her vision and her intuition like its the clearest map

The Turned On Woman is to know that everything worthwhile comes from… embodying her. 

the woman devoted to her body open

the woman profoundly wisened by life

able to alchemize wounds with men and sisters

the woman who trusts her vision and her intuition like its the clearest map

turned on woman


payment plan options available at checkout

Over 50 lessons on becoming a responsible, powerful, love-filled, turned on woman

Edges for each module inside your private podcast 

All the bonus material! 


And then there was the queen. Enroll as a VIP and get even more!

Everything included in The Live Experience 

+ 3 Somatic Sessions with me to work on anything you want (can include trauma healing, polarity, self pleasure, feminine embodiment, etc.)

 Payment Plan

To be raw and real with you. To bring you into the mystery, the mess, and the ecstasy of your power as a woman. A journey which is not always comfortable, and requires curiosity to meet yourself in the mystery. I will activate you with story of ecstasy, I will bother you with recognition of standard, and hopefully.. I will inspire you to give the gift you came to give. And I won’t filter for you. I’ll bring it to you from the depths of my own exprience, mastery, and contemplation. What it will require from you? A willingness to be with the lowest of lows as you welcome the highest of highs. A wonder at the magnificence of life in a body. And the courage to question, open, and become the lover you know you are.

My Promise To You Is...


reclaim your right to become fierce love and potent feminine power reclaim your right to become fierce love and potent feminine power

Are you ready to unleash your inner turned on woman?

its time honey

Frequently Asked Questions


No! The Turned On Woman is the calling. For love, for depth, for partnership, for expansion, for soul alignment and healing. So, no- you don't need to be in a partnership. But yes, we will spend a lot of time transforming relational patterns. What I've seen is that relationship is at the root of everything. Healing our relationship to mother, father, god, earth, beloved, masculine, and feminine is the nexus of my work... which allows your relationships in all other areas of life to flourish as well.





We will start by moving emotion, sensation, and pleasure by breath and feeling. We will eventually get to heart dearmouring and breast massage, self pleasure, and womb work.



Yes, Ashae has been trained to be able to hold those that are moving through trauma from her Somatic Tantra Practitioner Training. However, the nature of a group program means that Ashae will not be holding clients 1:1 (unless they are accepted into the mastermind crew)... and so clients must make a wise decision for themselves and get extra 1:1 support elsewhere if they need it. 



Due to the nature of this work and the program itself, there are no refunds. I invite you to be 100% clear that this is the intuitive right next step in your path and to trust yourself completely. If you have any questions you can reach out to the team @ashaesundara on Instagram or teamashaesundara@gmail.com with any questions you have. We are happy to answer and make sure you feel amazing about your investment!



Far from it. Even though The Turned On Woman sounds like she's all orgasm, ecstasy, and powerful partnership... she's actually aligned with all of it because she's not afraid of confronting death, decay, emotion, release, feeling, trauma, conditioning, and all of the stories, energies, and beliefs that are holding her captive in her turned off state. If you're aligned with Her, you're aligned with bold choices, decisions made from love, and trusting Consciousness and Truth above all else.

please note

Although the concepts explored inside this course will be taught from a heterosexual perspective, we welcome lovers of all sexual orientations to dive into the teachings. The principles shared here are of value to anyone interested in deepening intimacy with themselves + their partners.


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