If a 3 day immersion feels a little too edgy for you in this moment, Ashae + Allan offer in-person sessions for couples that average 5 hours in length. 

Imagine a full day devoted to you and your partner coming into true vulnerability, potent alignment, steamy tantric intimacy, and powerful devotion. 

You'll arrive at our home and we'll nurture, enliven, and expand your capacity to open into love.

Every couple is unique. Some are ready to go deep into intimate communion right away, others need to address what's on the surface of their disconnection.

No matter where you're at, we'll hold you expertly in getting to the depths of love you crave.

Through a blend of modalities, we may guide you in : breath-work, somatic-based healing, tantric energy work, polarity practice, & masculine/feminine embodiment. 

Though the path might not be linear, the end result will always be the same: deep, intimate, open love.



You've got your person, you've got the love... but the depth of intimacy, love-fuck, sacred presence, and emotional holding isn't as solid as you know it could be. You know there's more for you both. You know that when you love each other with you’re truly capable of, he rises to his power and she lights up in radiant joy. You can sense what’s missing and what's possible, but your mundane patterns of living & loving have you butting heads, leaving scars and feeling unmet. 

With our work together, you will tie up loose ends, form a bond that's so tight yet so free, and ultimately rise into ultimate devotion, worship, and respect of one another. 

When you’re ready for this kind of work with us, it's a true initiation. And it starts the moment you say yes. Life will show you all the walls you have built up to resist the love and life you truly want. You’ll come up with a million and one excuses for why it’s not the right time, or too much of a commitment. But something inside of you will keep nudging you, whispering sweet remembrances of the love that you truly are and the depth you truly deserve. 

That wisdom will keep you going, past the fear, past the doubt, past the unknown… straight into the heart of the deep love that awaits you in your intimate communion.

We'll spend 3 full days together in a gorgeous practice environment where you'll get to shut off the world and do nothing but embody love, sex, and tantric merging. 

We’ll hold you meticulously as you move way beyond the pains in your heart by repairing, forgiving, and letting go. You'll see each other with fresh eyes, you'll awaken forgotten pleasure, you'll blast through outworn patterns, and you'll be washed in the love that’s always been there. 

This isn’t just for those “other couples”. This is here for everyone. This is here for you.

These 3 days will have you ecstatically re-membering what is truly possible in your love-life.

We've seen time and time again what happens when we guide our clients into their sacred intimacy and embodied Eros... 

We set the intention for the deepest love available, but remain without a goal in mind. 

The most profound love, healing, and pleasure is possible not when we're climbing toward a linear goal, but when are willing to sit in the shamanic realms of the way love truly wants to move.

Each couple has unique needs and desires and we will always prioritize creating an experience that's focused on what's most wanted. 

However, a sample day will range from 10am - 6pm with a lunch break in the middle and will include guided practices in breath-work, tantric energy exchange between you and your lover, polarity practice, masculine/feminine embodiment as well as facilitated somatic healing and coaching.

Although the process won’t be linear, we do know this: he’ll leave reinvigorated and replenished, she’ll leave opened and alive, and together they’ll be starting a brand new chapter of their relationship, one of deep connection, fiery passion, and embodied love.

> Both parties are a full 100% fuck yes to the experience!

> You fill out an application + complete your introduction call with us 

> You send a deposit to hold the date of your experience

> You agree to play full out from the moment of saying yes all the way through the completion of the immersion

$12,000: In Austin, TX
$15,000: We fly to you! 

*We also have an option for an added heart medicine journey. This will be an extra $3,000 and we can talk about it on our introductory call together. 

What our Immersion Clients Say: 


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