if you make more money than him...

Women have been taught that a man making money is a man providing… 

That if you are killing it in business, you must manifest a man that meets or exceeds you financially

And so we often play small as a result…

OR believe that we have to sacrifice our soul’s success for love.

But there’s another way boo…

One that doesn’t require you to choose or sacrifice or settle for less than.

A way that opens the space for you to still allow him to be in the provider energy giving you the safety your feminine yearns to surrender into.

There are so many other ways he can provide for you OTHER than $$:

planning trips away
making sure you are well nourished throughout the day
opening your body with touch to take you beyond the closure a work day can often bring

But it requires trust…

An acknowledgment of where you are already surrendering

(sex, emotions, building wealth, etc)

And ultimately it’s a decision…

Are you going to let money control who you love?

The depth that you demand can’t find it’s place if there are superficial restrictions like who’s bank account holds more 0’s.

It’s about finding a man fully secure in who he is

& remembering that it’s not your job to hide yourself and your greatness around him.

Be big. Be bold.

Be the fullness of who you are as the money queen and let his power adjust and attune to you.

Money doesn’t equal power. Truth does.


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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