if you want to be ravished....

If you want to be ravished…

If you want to be ravished, you want to be turned on… 

Because with a subtle invitation from your body that says… “I’m open”… he has a safe way in.

Many men have been taught to overly care for and tip toe around women to honor and respect them.

And yay! This is awesome in a sense. We get loved and nourished by their kindness and respect.

But at a certain point you’re like…

“UHM HIIIIII JUST FUCK ME PLEASE” Sometimes, am I right?! It can’t be slow Tantra all the time, at least not for the dirty whore in you 

So when you live inside the turned on woman body… and take it on as a personal responsibility….

He will meet you there.

This doesn’t mean it’s your job to constantly be self pleasuring or you need to initiate every time!

But it is on you to simply be open through your body-mind… and let him see that you are open.

That alone is an invitation.

This requires deep surrender…

And a commitment to learning how to relax the body before love making to support…

more intimate pleasure
more profound orgasms
& more physical healing

Devotion to self, babe. That’s where it all begins.


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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