Story time: letting him lead

I’d just changed my outfit for the party. Silk skirt, black and pink bra, and a see-through cover. 

“Does this look good?” I asked him.

“100% Yes. I love it.”

And yet, I find myself getting ready to walk out of the room to check in the mirror.

“No”, he says… “I want you to trust me. You look beautiful. I love this outfit. No checking.”

Everything in me wanted to squirm!

Because what if it’s really not great?!

What if I look in the mirror later and feel silly?

Surely, I felt all of my resistance to leave the mirror alone.

But then a breath.. into surrender…

Because this is exactly how I like it.

I think to myself…

“I may not know how I look tonight, but the energy between us right now… this is all I’m ever after anyways….”

And I feel sexy.. in his direction.

I feel sexy… letting him lead me.

I feel sexy… trusting.

Of course, this is a really romantic example of his leadership… but I assure you… there are all of the truly squirmy ones, too.


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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