my response to the saying "he will pursue you when he wants to"

Here’s the thing boo.. the want, the desire is only one teeny tiny piece of the puzzle.

We can want something with our whole being AND still not be ready to receive it in its fullness.

Love is no different.

He may not be pursuing you for a multitude of other reasons… like…

He isn’t holding his own power secure enough to also support yours

He doesn’t feel worthy or deserving of the love you emulate from your core

He hasn’t tapped into his King status ready for the kind of commitment your inner being craves

For a man to claim you… his soul has to be ready.


It isn’t your job to try to adjust and attune to him to inspire his readiness because all that does is shake the stability of your own crown.


It is your job to open your heart.
To open to God.
To stay devoted to the soul game.
To be intentional with your own readiness.

Because it’s never been about him honey.

It’s about you and your own embodiment and it’s only when you get lost in the fullness + devotion of who you are that you will inspire the claim of a man worthy of receiving every ounce.

Devote to your own desires. Let him rise to meet you there, queen.

As the turned on woman would…


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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