i rolled out of bed and went straight to the mat

My spiritual practice as of late (in brief) is to sit with myself and ask... "What emotions or beliefs are alive in my body for me to feel this morning?"

(And then to feel it, of course)

I had a gorgeous practice, I got to a clear and concise place of power, I listened to a meditation while on my morning walk....
I felt great.

But then...

When I came to my partner to say good morning, I broke down.

(Sometimes just his mere presence can draw the depth out in me)

Tears galore, accessing the rawness of my heart.

And yet, there was a pretttty large part of me that wanted to stop the flow of emotion...!!!

To get on with the day, of course.

You see... the mind is programmed to prioritize "doing" and "all the things" vs actually being with what is alive.

But, I relaxed all the tendency to go, to change the moment, or to resist the tenderness arising.

And the moment...

Opened us both, softened our hearts, recommitted our passion, and enlivened us for the day: because we chose to slow down and listen.

This, in turn, created new found aliveness for the work of my business, I felt more powerful and magnetic, and I was just way more excited about everything.... which is one of the core energetics that makes our purpose work land in the world!

I was able to communicate to my clients from a rich sphere of the heart, with no blocks to my transmission.

Now, I can imagine how the day would have gone if I didn't prioritize deep feeling.

I've been there.

It looks like...

"Don't ruin my good mood!" "I don't want to address my heart, because I'm supposed to feel happy!"

Like a sort of "fake" excitement for the day.

Like a "it's all happening" but something feels wrong.

Like a "everything will be alright" but knowing it's not.

We must experience surrender, devotion, love, desire, magnetism, compassion + other feminine energetics through your bones....

So you KNOW the moment to soften and open up.

You can access the intelligence within you to trust your intuition moment to moment.


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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