if you can't receive, they can't give

If you can’t receive, they can’t give.

Life is teaching me to the nth degree right now… 
→ That if you can’t receive, they can’t give.
If you can’t receive your partners love or your clients adoration/money/respect... they can’t actually give it to you!! 
It's that simple 😉
Your people… they can totally try... but eventually they’ll taper down and slow down their outpouring...
Because giving to someone who lacks the ability to receive is actually quite PAINFUL.
You know this experience, right?
You were giving oral worship to someone at some point… who wasn’t able to let it in… their breathing stopped and they lay there in their head… 
Or you bought a gift for a family member and they pushed it back into your arms… 
Yes, you could go all the way through with the gifting… 
But at a certain point in the equation of life, it'll start feeling like it lacks true consent. 
It'll start feeling ‘ouch’.
And then later down the line, it truly hurts, because you're gifting from your heart and they… can't… see… you… 

Woman, there is insane medicine in your ability to receive: money, love, connection, pleasure, depth, ideas, magic… you name it. 
But there is also medicine in your attraction of the humans who can receive you! 
When someone receives you, you have even more to give to them! 
That's why when you get 100 hearts on your post, you're energized AF to keep going… 
Or why when your partner opens their heart to welcome your wisdom… all of a sudden you can see yourself a little clearer. 
It's because receptivity opens up space for more. 
Here's the caveat of it all: 
We can receive to the extent we're willing to open our hearts. 
You gotta let the mushy gushy sensations all the way in- and also be able to process and receive the load of crap life deals you sometimes too- in order to increase your capacity. 
But remember, your heart is huge. 
And she wants so badly… to love and to be loved… in all the ways.
By a partner, by her family, by her clients, by the world at large. 
And it starts with this: choosing. to. soften. and. open. your. heart. 
I love you!


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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