the #1 reason women aren't satisfied sexually

You want to know the number one reason women are unsatisfied sexually?

 It’s because they don’t CLAIM their own pleasure.

Just like you want him to claim you… your heart, your fuck, and all…

Your inner feminine wants your inner man to say “BABY I GOT YOU” on all your desires too.

I swear I think it’s taken me 31 years to truly and unapologetically embody my ravenous s**ual nature…

The tantric path has been initiating me since 2014, but I used to still cave around my appetite..

Story time.

Let me paint the scene for you:

I notice a tiny hint of curiosity toward arousal.

Like… not even “OMG YES,” just “hmmm, we could….”

Instead of sharing it with my partner, or inviting him into it, I’d hide it and expect him to smell it from miles and miles away.

And I’d end up turning my turn on OFF so I wouldn’t have to face possible rejection.

Lying in the bed feeling sad that HE didn’t make a move.

Even though I was the one who felt the hmmm.

I’d just do my own thing and wait.

Creating resentment and tension built up in my system. Ouch!

Not a great access point to surrender, is it?

Being a yes to your pleasure is the #1 easiest way to more connected, powerful, and spiritually expansive s**.

Following the rhythm of your breath, finding the places that feel good and then better..

It’s miraculous.

But it starts with your willingness to face all the shadows underneath the reason you won’t in the first place…


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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