You can be making money to cover up not enough

People like to say… “You have to feel worthy in order to make money”
(In fact, I'm sure I've said it, too)
But I want to shed some light because…
You can also be over there generating a fuck ton of money to COVER UP your unworthiness or uncomfortability in yourself. 
You can be making money to cover up not enough.
You can be making money to keep busy, so you don't have to feel. 
You can be making money as a way to protect your built up persona and rise “higher” than others… because god forbid you attune to people in the room that are making less than you… 
Let me propose another potential:
Where you're not making money because you feel worthy: you're making money because you add a valuable service to humanity. 
You're also not making money to PROVE your enoughness to yourself: you're making money as an overflow of the love and nourishment you already feel from your life, your relationship, and your art. 
This is what I want for us all. 
I think it requires… 
Unplugging from the general coaching narratives. Because they are all trying to tell you that in order for you to make money, you have to feel enough, and while this is true from a simple sense… WE ALL DON'T FEEL LIKE ENOUGH SOMETIMES!! And that's a constant. 
Devoting ourselves to the true beauty and meaning of life. If all we're doing is chasing the dollar (even in the name of purpose)… are we really attuned to what our soul purpose really is moment to moment? Or are we just in a funnel pipeline of success that's been generated for us? 
Creating options for people to join our work at many different price points. I think having only elitist price points for our work is another attempt at proving to ourselves that we are worth it, because our marketing brings people in. 
Now, I'm all for money and making more of it.
But I believe that if you follow your souls desires for the LIFESTYLE that you want to live… while giving the gift you are here to give… all the money pieces will work themselves out- and deliciously 😉
But when you over focus on becoming the next millionaire so you can write it off as an accolade and an accomplishment and use it on your Instagram Bio to convince everyone of who you are… 
That's when you join a movement that prioritizes money over the wellbeing of the world.
And… none of us are immune to this worldview. We're all learning and growing. 
I've surely fucked it up and got swept into the paradigm of more-more-more (big apologies for that time) but I can see from a higher perspective that we needed to go there as a collective in order to come back into one of my highest values… simplicity. 
Because when you no longer need to prove your enoughness, and money is no longer about worth, you can serve/create/receive it with a grounded heart and get yourself out of the rat race of more. 
That's all for today. 
Loving you extra big.


ashae sundara

x0 Ashae

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